Dwayne Paisley-Marshall

CSS 3 , HTML 5, J-query, Wordpress & Axure.

User experience & Front-end development.

Responsive (iPhone / iPad friendly).

A frantic cyclist & cinema lover.

I'm a passionate, dedicated and ambitious developer. I have a vast understanding of the web development process, from design to development. I've built responsive websites, which scale to the users device (iPhone /iPad), when building these responsive projects I've taken the different UX mobile aspects into consideration.

I've freelanced, worked for agencies (Gyro & TimeOut London) and also for a large retail brand (Urban Outfitters), so I have a variety of experience working in different types of companies.

UX is something that I'm passionate about as I feel it should be at the heart of every project. In light of that I've been researching into Psychology and various UX Wire-framing tools, such as Axure.


Tuned-in research


Urban Outfitters blog (responsive)


UO Careers



I'm quite old fashioned, so my email address is below if you'd like to get in contact.